Senior Transportation

Proudly offering senior transportation to medical appointments, treatment sessions, and rehabilitation therapies for wheelchair clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

We offer the safest, most courteous, respectful, and comfortable wheelchair, door-through-door transportation experience for seniors, veterans, disabled persons, or anyone else who has decided to leave the driving to a professional transportation provider.

Drivers are trained and vetted by our professional staff. Criminal and vehicular background checks are done for each new employee before they even start.

Like one of our drivers? Favorite him or her with our staff, and we’ll do our best to line you up with them for future rides.

We also offer streamline payment processing.

Best of all, we answer the phone every time with a live person.


Senior transportation provided for:

  • Wheelchair Transportation
  • Non-emergency medical appointments
  • Dialysis
  • Workers compensation therapy
  • INR appointments
  • Post-operative appointments
  • Chemotherapy
  • Alcohol/Drug rehabilitation
  • Weddings/Reunions
  • Shopping
  • Funerals

For reservations please call a friendly senior transportation dispatcher at 651-207-5211.

Company Vision:

My father’s elder brother and his wife were in an assisted living center when we were just starting our company in 2011. While this assisted living center provided scheduled senior transportation to malls, or community centers, etc., they didn’t provide transportation to medical appointments. This is the case for most seniors living in transitional care, and assisted living facilities. Senior transportation for medical appointments have to be either scheduled with a senior transportation provider, or the family has to take turns providing this obviously much needed transportation.

The result of family provided senior transportation is mixed. In some cases, the adult children of these seniors are stay at home parents, and have extra time to provide these transports. In most cases, however the adult children have work, there own children’s after school extracurricular activities, or mistrust of a hired senior transportation provider. Additionally, there is the feeling of guilt that they feel for not “being there” for their parent as they were for them. Last, but not least is the seniors feeling of being a burden to their children who they know lead very busy lives.

It was for these reasons that I began studying the senior transportation industry in the winter of 2011. More specifically, as it relates to seniors, and more precisely, private pay seniors.

My goal is to become the premier, private-pay senior transportation provider in the Twin Cities.

The need to be on time for every clients appointment is our goal.

Demographic info:

By the year 2030, the number of American’s age 65-or-over is expected to be 71.5 million; twice the number of 65-or-overs seen in the year 2000. The reason for this surge is the Baby Boomers. These people were born between the years 1946 and 1964. By the year 2030, 1 out of every 5 people in the nation will be an older adult. The fastest growing segment of America’s aging population is those over the age of 65, who will need the support of family, friends, and community to remain living independently.

The vast majority of older Americans want to age in their homes and communities for as long as possible. The aging of this population, however will pose new challenges for the delivery of local services or needs such as health care, recreation, housing, transportation, public safety, employment, and education. The aging of America will also present opportunities as our Nation’s communities realize the largest population of educated and skilled older adults in its history.

The needs of older adults are interrelated. Providing housing, for example, will not be sufficient if the resident lacks the transportation needed to get basic services such as medical, pharmaceuticals, or grocery products.

The fact that our community’s older adults have the desire to stay home, for as long as possible, fueled my desire to start a senior transportation company. This business will help give these deserved residents their desperately wanted independence. It will also allow their loved ones the comfort of knowing that their fathers/mothers, grandfathers/grandmothers, and aunts/uncles, will be taken care of by a company that puts an emphasis on the quality of care for their loved ones transportation needs.